If you're looking to rent a Python for your photo shoots, movie clips, party or lecture... you're at the right place!

Create something special

Snakes belong to one of the oldest and strongest species on the planet. They're also believed to be 'dangerous, slippery and aggressive'. Luckily there are some smart people out there who know that none of this is actually true... However with these facts in the back of your mind it's easy to create something fascinating and extraordinary for your photo shoot or movie clip! You could (pretend and) show people you've created something dangerous, living on the edge. Or you could show people the beauty of these animals, and that there's no reason to fear them but in fact there's lots of reasons to like and admire them.

Nice to meet you, my name is Ka!

I'm a non-venomous Reticulated Dwarf Python of approximately 3.5 m long. Originally I'm from a very small island called Kayuadi in Indonesia. The rest of my ancestors are spread all over the south of Asia and are sadly being slaughtered massively for our skin or just because humans are afraid of us. So I guess I'm pretty lucky that I am born and raised here in The Netherlands with Anne.

My good friend Anne raised me by his hands, always takes great care of me when I need anything and he has shown me that I do not need to fear the humans around here. In fact I found it very fascinating to meet new people! I have my own tropical terrarium at home but I prefer on top of, or under the couch in the living room where everybody else is hanging... and of course I love it when he takes me to bath or brings me with him to the beach because I really enjoy the sun!

Models: Ka, Espucca (Esmeralda) and Robin.
Photographer: Jaap van Egmond

My pricing

My ancestors get everything for free in the Jungle... But Anne needs to take great care of me and needs to provide me with a new and bigger home. And of course therefore we need your help! So if you want some of my time we only ask you for €50,- per hour and €0,25 cents per km from door to door.
Ps. Just so you know, I'm not only the most beautiful, but also the cheapest on the internet. 

My needs and restrictions

•  My health and well-being is my friend his biggest priority. So wherever I go the temperature needs to be at least 22°C, indoor and outdoor. 
• I really enjoy exploring new people and places but I also need to rest. So because of that there's a very limited amount of spots available in my schedule. Please respect that.
• In very rare cases I need to reschedule our appointment because I need to visit the doctor or when I am changing my skin.

Meet my best friend: Anne Hansen

If you want to book me for your shootings or event, this is the guy you have to talk to. You may also feel free to contact him for any questions, to discuss possibilities or to brainstorm about great ideas. He also knows other reptile owners so if you like you can also book me with more reptile friends. We live in a nice apartment near Nijmegen and always go everywhere by car. Germany and Belgium is also possible.